Sunday, April 21, 2013

Checking In

HI everyone.  I know it has been several days since I updated you.  Badger is doing OK.  Not great but hanging in there.  I was really worried about him on Friday, 2nd day out of hosptial.  He was laying down a lot.  All his vitals were good, eating and drinking and pooping.  But just down, not rolling.  DD thought maybe he was just exhausted from the hospital where the activity is 24/7.  She was very reassuring to me.  Sorry no pic.  I am too tired to find one.  His medication schedule has me up later than usual and I am plain tuckered out.

Again thanks for of your support! 


  1. Hope both you and Badger have been able to rest up and relax a bit, and that Badger is definitely advancing on the path to good health again. Best wishes always.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi, Well he is still better, not back to same as before but not laying down as much. He is getting fat, with all the feed I have to use to get the psyllium to stick to it. Its about 2 cups feed to 1 cup psyllium and even then he only gets about half. There just isnt anything thick and sticky enough to make stick. Thanks for checking in. I have become very lax about writing. I am not clever creative like DD and feel I am pretty boring. Di