Friday, April 12, 2013

Da Sun Da Sun

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy! 

My granddaughter, daughter in law and I went back to see Badger.  His jugular IV cath was still in but fluids discontinued for the time so we got to go for a much needed walk and some sunshine.  We walked around the facility inside and out a couple of times, meet up with Chance the other miniature donkey who had been mauled by a dog (still very sick little boy with massive infection).  Badger even brayed when he saw a horse next door, I think he thought it was Carb.  He stopped often just to soak in the rays.  He hadn't been out since Tuesday.

He pooped but no sand yet, not really expected as his first psyllium feeding was just 24 hours earlier.  The sunshine and walk really picked him up I think, as all of us thought he was very depressed when we first got there.  He is eating his psyllium, slowly.  They are mixing it with just a little sweet feed but mostly the low starch feed.

On the walk it was hard to keep him from the weeds along the driveway and the occasional bedding straw on the ground.

Today should have been the 4th of  a 4-5 day stay but it's looking like at least until Monday at the earliest.  its making me a bit a nervous about the bill.  I hope he keeps eating enough psyllium to start clearing the sand, if they were tubing him there would be a procedure charge each time.  Of course if he needs it they will do it.

I have decided its well worth it to go visit every day.  It may be the only walking he gets and that will help move the sand along.  It must get so lonely for a little guy who is used to being surrounded by his family.  I found diesel for $4.03 yesterday, yeah!   


  1. You are doing a really great job with your blog, very interesting and informative. Badger is looking to have such a caring mom. I think you are right about the exercise, Badger needs it to "move things along."

  2. Poor little patient, I hope he will keep getting better so that you can take him home happy and healthy - and relax - very soon. Like, today...
    P.S. Your blog is looking prettier by the day, I think you are off to a really neat start.