Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Badger-The Green Flash

Morning everyone.  Here is video of everyone playing that I forgot I had taken. This blog-thing has made me realize how unorganized my photo files are.  

Badger is the fluoro-green sheet.

I had forgotten how much Badger used to play with Pistol and Pedro and even Carb.  I truly believe he has felt so miserable with all that sand that he hasn’t wanted to play.  I feel so guilty for not realizing it.
I have another one of just Badger and Carb I will load later.  He is holding to Carbs tail as Carb walks around.  I’ll have to show you a photo of Carb’s tail now and you will see how much of it has been ‘eaten’! 


  1. I love the way they leap over those rocks!

  2. He's so fast! Like the green arrow or whatever that comic book hero is :)

  3. It looks to me as if Badger were inviting Carb to run along with the rest of them. Cute video!