Thursday, April 18, 2013


Badger is home!!!

Badg got to come home Wednesday 4-17-13 in the afternoon.  It was a grand welcoming by Carb who ran up to the trailer bucking and kicking.

Badger is still on stall rest with gradual increase over 4 days.  They did not want him to over due playing since he's been in a stall for 9 days.

The doc held true to his word and gave Pistol and Pedro both x-rays for the price of one.  They had just a trace at the bottom of the large intestine.  Badger was xrayed that morning and also has trace but OK to go home.  He is still on psyllium for 3 weeks as well as 8 zantac three times a day.  Small meals frequently.  I have to cut his hay in small pieces 3".  They recommended a cheap weedeater and put the hay in a clean trash can and chop it up.  I have been using banana slurry for the sticky stuff for psyllium to stick to the new Triple Crown Low Starch pellets that have no alfalfa, corn or molasses.

Since I had Pis & Pe with me for xrays we stopped at a local feed store that has a scale and weighed everybody.  Badger-200, Pistol & Pedro both 270.  It was one of those drive on scales so who knows the plus and minus at a lower weight, but close enough.  

Its quite a schedule to keep with the meds.  His chinese herbal IR/LAM formula can not be given with 2 hours +- of chemical meds like the zantac so its a challenge.  

He hadn't seen much sun for the past 9 days expect on the walks so I put the other boys in a larger pasture and let Badger have the small one for several hours.  He rolled and lay soaking in the rays.

The doc burned a disc of all the xrays.  I will see if I can upload a pic for comparison for all of  you.  If not I will take a pic of the monitor screen like I did on admission xray.

Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers.